Goodbye, Thang.

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Since Tuesday I have been trying to figure out the right words to comprehend the loss of my friend Thang Le. How does one mourn someone when something this tragic happens so unexpectedly? Our humble little noodle shop was blessed to have such an amazingly talented and passionate person who pushed us to be the best everyday. Toki Underground opened at such a premature age of my culinary journey and being able to work with Chef Thang every morning was always such a wonderful learning experience. His ability to instill the highest of standards, impeccable technique, hard work, and leading by example will be only a few of the many lessons I learned. It's always the most passionate, talented, and forward thinkers that leave this world early without finishing their stamp that they planned on leaving the world. It is our job, the ones that he touched, to carry the torch for them in this life to show them that at the end of the road, we understoond the meaning of the lessons they were trying to share with us. Goodbye, Thang.

"There's a mockingbird behind my house
Who is a magician of the highest degree
And I swear I heard him rip the world apart
And sew it back again with his fiery melody, melody."
- Jolie Holland.


- Chef Erik Yang